Changing World 

In a changing world, a need for continuity

The world changes at an ever-increasing pace, and your financial and investment needs change with it. Change brings new opportunities and challenges, but there are some things you do not want to change-the highest quality of service from your trustees, for example.

Your ideal trustees should offer you many things. They must have the necessary financial and corporate strength. They must offer a full range of services. They should offer impartial advice. They must learn about you and your requirements, and so act quickly and knowledgeably when appropriate. Ideally your trustees will be approachable professionals that you truly do trust.

All other trust companies offer some of these qualities. Few can offer all of them.


Large or small ?

Large universal banks providing trustee services offer the necessary capitalisation, breadth of services and trading history. But their delivery is often undermined by factors such as centralised infrastructures, a lack of staff continuity and their being tied to promoting in-house investment products. The result? Perhaps an adequate, but rather impersonal service that does not always explore the full range of solutions available to you.

Small independent trust companies, on the other hand, are often run by one or two individuals and are able to offer an intimate, personalised service. Whilst they will generally offer a personal, hands-on approach, they often lack the financial credibility to give your assets the backing they deserve.

Summit Trust International has proven itself to be a reliable, professional trust services provider that can offer a solution that provides both credibility and personal service.


Summit Trust International Bridging the Gap

Summit Trust International, an innovative trust company, offers the best of both worlds-a personal, responsive service with the necessary backing. We are approachable enough to ensure we understand your needs, yet large enough to make sure we fulfil them.

The management team brings expertise and a track record of building strong client relationships to the company. The directors bring a proven track record of success in the bank and trust field. The company specializes in providing administrative services for complex trust structures, private trust companies, and cases where family offices and high-value strategic asset management is a requirement. Providing trusteeship where private operating businesses are held in trust for entrepreneurial families is also a specialty.


Our Philosophy

Knowledgeable, empowered staff
We believe that if we look after our people, they will look after you and your assets. We select the best and then make sure we keep them. We give them everything they need to perform -access to outstanding legal and technical resources, and of course a broad range of financial services from third-party specialist providers.

Real investment objectivity
Summit Trust International is characterised by specialisation, professionalism and integrity. Because the company is committed to an independent trust administration policy, it is free to work with your existing financial advisers, lawyers, bankers and asset managers, or introduce you to suitable advisers if you do not yet have your preferred team.

The bottom line? Expect to find familiar faces at Summit Trust International, but not familiar solutions. Our people are under no pressure to sell you any particular product, just to provide you with the right service for your needs.