While efforts have been made to ensure that statements contained in the pages on this site are free from material error or misstatement, no liability can be accepted for actions taken solely in reliance upon statements made or accessible through this site. In particular, tax laws and practices change frequently and it is therefore essential that before any steps are taken by way of tax planning, detailed tax advice be taken from competent professionals qualified in the jurisdictions concerned.

The creation of trusts, companies and foundations involve legal actions and it is generally to be recommended that clients should take independent legal advice prior to the creation of estate planning structures.

Summit Trust International SA, its subsidiaries and affiliates are not in the business of giving legal or tax advice and are unable to make more than outline suggestions for possible structures that may be of benefit to potential clients. While it remains the case that mitigation or reduction of tax liabilities can be obtained through the use of international trust and corporate structures, the availability of such tax savings does depend on the precise facts and circumstances of a particular situation and it is therefore essential that in seeking legal or tax advice full disclosure of all relevant facts and circumstances is made.