Summit Trust International

Summit Trust International is an independent trust services group. The group philosophy is to provide robust, un-conflicted trust and company management on a multi-jurisdictional basis. 

Summit Trust International brings a combination of financial and management stability which enables it to provide continuity in personal relationships and the orderly passing of family wealth for high net worth individuals who require trust and company management services.

Summit Trust International, founded in 1999 as Close Trustees (Switzerland) SA, the company is headquarted in Geneva and has offices in London and the Cayman islands.

We are not expecting to be the biggest offshore services provider, but we are striving to be the best.

An innovative trust company


In a changing world, a need for continuity


The world changes at an ever-increasing pace, and your financial and investment needs change with it. Change brings new opportunities and challenges, but there are some things you do not want to change-the highest quality of service from your trustees, for example.

Your ideal trustees should offer you many things. They must have the necessary financial and corporate strength. They must offer a full range of services. They should offer impartial advice. They must learn about you and your requirements, and so act quickly and knowledgeably when appropriate. Ideally your trustees will be approachable professionals that you truly do trust.

All other trust companies offer some of these qualities.
Few can offer all of them.



Top TRUST Companies 2020 award
Top TRUST Companies 2020 award
Top TRUST Companies 2020 award
Top TRUST Companies 2020 award
Top TRUST Companies 2020 award
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